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Wonderful Experiences

"Kevin and his staff of KV Paint Coatings & Services were very professional, courteous and did an amazing job on my great room and deck.  KV Paint was able to help me out even in a tight time frame.  I would highly recommend KV Paint."

Interior/exterior Painting and Staining Client

"KV Paint Coatings & Services did an excellent job on my small storefront paint opportunity.  I was very impressed with the attention to detail in painting only my building without any spillover/ splashing paint onto my 2 neighbors conjoined building.  Thanks for referring KV Painters in your listings."

Commercial Painting Client

"We were extremely fortunate to not only run into an exceptional business partner, we found the best painting crew in the area!  Kevin and his team were very courteous, clean and did a stand-up job - the best crew in town: Period."

Sean Hakes


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